Our team at Sharpe Building Solutions is able to provide a complete solution for your project.

We have a dedicated team who ensure all local Council and Authority requirements are considered and complied to during the planning and designing stages. As part of producing our comprehensive plans, we consult with you to learn more about the final outcome you are hoping for and offer best building practice solutions to deliver your project ready for Council approval.

We keep open communication with the client, preparing for any changes to ideas, new legislations and regulations that may come into play. Often, once drawings develop and clients start to have a clearer understanding of the end result, changes are required to obtain the finished look and feel that suits each individual project. Our team are happy to work with clients to achieve finished plans that meet both Council’s requirements and our client’s vision for their home.


As we develop your plans, or you have provided us with plans from your preferred architect, we will check all Council Consent conditions, BASIX requirements, etc and discuss with you the best suited options to achieve the finished look you wish for.

New Homes have the flexibility to really tell your story. They bring to life your personality while making the most of the location. Starting with a clean slate a new home enables you to break the mould and create a living space as individual as you are. Prefer bigger bedrooms? One large living and dining area? Or you prefer separate living spaces for entertaining and also for quiet cozy relaxing? We bring you exactly what works for you. With the myriad of designs to consider, we will ensure your new home embraces the Australian climate and your lifestyle.


If you enjoy your existing home but desire a revamp or perhaps need additional space for your lifestyle then the team at Sharpe Building Solutions is able to work with you to bring about this outcome.

Renovating brings about the changing seasons of style, taste and family dynamics. Whether your home is feeling tired or you would simply like an update in your interior living spaces, Sharpe Building Solutions will have our team of experts bring your ideas to life. We will discuss designs, options and solutions for living within the existing home but enhancing its best qualities and maximising its potential.

Needing more room but love the home you are living in? There’s no need to move. Sharpe Building Solutions will work in harmony with your existing spaces so your new extensions/additions feel like they have always belonged. When extending or adding another storey to your home challenges may arise. We take the care and attention needed to overcome any obstacles, helping you every step of the way with Approvals, Authorities and suppliers. It is our goal to deliver you the larger more desirable home that you are wishing for.


For the wine connoisseur we will create a cellar to keep your wines in their optimum storage conditions. We work with EuroCave Australia and Wine Guardian products to bring you the latest technologies and products available ensuring your cellar maintains the ideal climate controlled environment.

Your cellar may be for storage only or may also include a tasting table or even fine dining experience. Whatever your desires, we will create a wine cellar of the highest quality, leaving a lasting impression on everyone that visits your home.


Everyone appreciates a project that runs seamlessly. Our Team works with clients, suppliers and trades with open and clear communication to ensure this occurs.

Our team will discuss options for your project, advising on current techniques, latest technologies and marketplace trends. To assist you further we are happy to refer you to our regular suppliers of finishing products and you will also have the option of a mood board for consideration and viewing of planned finishes.


Architectural plans can be complicated to read if unfamiliar with the processes. We will assist you with your Architect’s plans or we will be happy to create these for you. Either way we will make all the plans make sense so you can envisage your finished project without confusion.

A home should integrate with its surroundings which is why we can assist with landscaping options as well. We can help you plan the landscaping style and co-ordinate discussions with landscapers to assist with the overall concept in preparation for Approvals. Landscaping completes the experience of designing your new home.