Sharpe Building Solutions’ core principles are Integrity, Reliability, Transparency and Efficiency.

Established for over 10 years on the Northern Beaches, Sharpe Building Solutions has delivered prestigious homes of beauty and innovation for our clients across the Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

With over 45 years combined industry experience, our dynamic team brings fresh ideas, skilled craftsmanship and enthusiasm to every project. Bespoke homes and renovations are our specialty and our team is committed to the process every step of the way.

Collaborating with esteemed architects across Sydney, Sharpe Building Solutions captures the brief and brings to realisation the desired home. We also work closely with interior designers and stylists to ensure the completed project meets the feeling the client envisaged.

At times our clients prefer to work directly with us to plan their project from their initial ideas. We happily accommodate these requests too. The Sharpe advantage is where we have the experience to work to either process. Simply bring us your architect’s plans or meet with us to discuss your ideas and together we will create your vision. We will help you design a functional and beautiful home for your individual lifestyle then see it through the various approval stages ready for construction.

We invest time to get to know our clients, with an awareness that today’s homes need to be as individual as their owners and reflect their personality and lifestyle.

Whether your project is a new build, renovations, extensions/additions or a fit-out, our team is driven to always perform to the highest standards. We have also been contracted to instal climate controlled wine cellars. With a proven track record for delivering exceptional projects, we welcome your interest in opening discussions with our Company.


Tim Sharpe

Tim established Sharpe Building Solutions in 2008 with the vision to bring beautiful architectural homes to the northern suburbs of Sydney. With years of experience in the building and construction of residential homes, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with innovation and problem solving skills second to none. Tim understands that the client’s budget is a critical aspect with every project and ensures open communication throughout.